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Being black

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Unfortunately, this is still how many people think and see.

The fact that racism is still such a widely spread discrimination in this day and age is not only mind boggling, but heart breaking, and frankly, infuriating.

For how much longer are decent people expected to be demoralised and suffer just because some regard it as ‘the way it has always been’? This should never have been accepted as an excuse

Without people of colour, the world and the empires that have been built would not be as far along as they are today. It is because of the sacrifices that these people made involuntarily; the bonds they had to break due to partition from their countries and loved ones, the years of hard work and labour they had to endure because of their ‘white superiors’ that many are able to live wealthy lives. But, how relevant is wealth when it is destroying humanity?

And how are we appreciating all their efforts to make a better life for themselves and their families? By underestimating their abilities and diminishing their dreams, not allowing them to reach their full potential rather than supporting them. By treating them as though they are invisible. What gives any single person the right to deem another as unworthy?

When is society going to learn to look beyond black and white and finally see that WE ARE ALL HUMAN. Humans with feelings, emotions, dreams, families, basic needs, with HUMAN RIGHTS.

Actions speak louder than words - it is up to us as individuals to educate not only ourselves, but one another in order for change to occur.

We need to implement a new way of interacting with one another into our daily lives, a way that is full of compassion, peace and equality. Together, step by step, no matter how small the difference is - we can make a change.

We can create a world where we ALL belong

By Pooja Dodhia

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