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Periods, Pain and PMS

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Periods, menstruation, menstrual cycle or your monthly visitor. All women endure the pain of the menstrual cycle. So if it happens to everyone, why can't we talk about it?

In some societies, menstruation is perceived as unclean or embarrassing. Many disputing that the topic to not be spoken about with men or even in public (media). Even more shockingly in some cultures women are not allowed to enter certain parts of the house as they are 'unclean'.

However, in other societies, a menstruating woman is considered sacred and powerful, with increased psychic abilities, even strong enough to heal the sick. Ironically in ancient Rome, a man wrote that a menstruating woman who runs free can scare away whirlwinds and lightning as well as scaring the caterpillars and worms away from growing crops.

For men, speaking about periods can be uncomfortable and 'weird' ... but why? Your sister, mother, grandmother, friends all menstruate. Perhaps, the reason is because not many women talk openly about it, due to societal stigmas. It's not necessary to scream and shout about your period, but the conversation shouldn't be one that people shy away from.

I ask you a question: If you were a single dad with a daughter, what would you do?

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